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About Enclosures


What is the Screen Enclosure System?

  • A thoroughly engineered screen enclosure
  • A more hurricane resistant enclosure
  • An enclosure consisting of USA made products
  • An enclosure using high quality powder coated paint
  • We have combined all higher quality elements to create the best enclosure possible

Why do we use powder coat paint by DuPont on the Screen Enclosure System?

  • Due to the weather conditions that your enclosure will face, the paint plays an important role of keeping your enclosure looking nice
  • The durability of our power coated paint greatly exceeds that of wet paint
  • Powder coated paint can be applied thicker than wet paint, helping to add to it's durability
  • Environmentally friendly. Unlike wet paints, powder paints do not use solvents which eliminates V.O.C's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Powder paint is applied utilizing an electronic charge which draws the powder to the metal creating an even coating and superior adhesion over wet paint
  • Powder coating is industry rated as very durable with excellent consistent adhesions while wet paint is just fair


About Powder Coat Paint

Our extrusions are painted by a Certified DuPont Star Applicator

Powder coating requires an electronic charge between the powder and the extrusion. This charge draws the powder to the metal surface for a very even, thick coating and forces a bonding between the two for superior adhesion and consistency.

Most excess powder can be filtered and reused making it very environmentally friendly. Any left over that cannot be used is simply cured and safe for landfills. Unlike wet paint, which has to be treated as chemical waste


Why use the Screen Enclosure System?

  • Our extrusions meet or exceed the specifications required by the Aluminum Association
  • Our extrusions are fully engineered and are more storm resistant simply due to their strength
  • Powder coated paint helps in the durability and protection of your enclosure
  • Our extrusions are made locally in Florida, helping to keep jobs here, and helping our Florida economy



Why do we promise the highest quality?

    • Although code changes have helped, the fact is that the aluminum itself remains the same
    • We believe the industry needed something stronger to help withstand Florida's sometimes violent weather
    • Now you can have the comfort and security of having the strongest and most durable aluminum available in our industry today



Ask your contractor about the Screen Enclosure System today!

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